True Romance

Regine Velasquez

Just one glance and I never had a chance
There and then I knew I'd fall in love with you
You should know that you had me at hello
I was Juliet and you're my Romeo

You're my super hero save me from this sorrow
Sweep me off my feet and fly me away
You are my McDreamy, you're my own McStreamy
Brad Pitt and George Clooney don't stand a chance
You're my one and only true romance

Just one kiss you swept me off my feet
And my heart was beating faster than it should
Just one smile (Just one smile) and it's like a carpet ride
I can hear the song a whole new world with you
(a whole new world)

You're my Bieber fever, yu're my Ashton Kutcher
I'm going Lady Gaga (papa paparazzi) over you
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ooh you are my McDreamy, you're my own McStreamy
Brad Pitt and George Clooney don't stand a chance
You're my one and only true romance

I'll be yours forever and a day
Our love is here to stay
You are my one true romance

Loving you is easy
Though it might sound cheesy
I'm a girl just standing in front of a boy
Asking him to love her
(when you say nothing at all)

You're my super hero
Save me from this sorrow
Sweep me off my feet and fly me away
(fly me away)
You're my one and only true romance
(When I fall in love)
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Janno Gibbs
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